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The Center for Educational Outreach
1214 S. University, 2nd Fl., Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734-647-1402
Fax: 734-998-6387
Supporting Student Educational Outreach (SSEO) Grant Program Application

Student Organization Information

Are you aware of and in compliance with the University Policy on Minors (found here: *
If yes, are you able to provide proof of compliance?

Contact Information

Please provide information for the person you would like to be the main contact for your organization. This is the person we will contact with questions about the application and notify when a decision is made.

Program Information

Please indicate your program type (check all that apply) *

Partner Organizations

Please provide brief information for each partner organization or school that you will be working with during your event.

Partner Organization/School 1

Partner Organization/School 2

Additional Partners


Please complete the following information about other UM or community departments/organizations frp, which you have applied for funding for this event/program. *
 Organization/Office Name:Request Still Pending? (Yes or No)Amount Requested:Amount Received:

By submitting this document, you attest that the information on this application is correct and that if your organization is awarded an SSEO grant, you further agree to the following:

1. To acknowledge the Center for Education Outreach on all publicity materials;

2. To submit a final report within 15 days of program/event completion.

3. To follow all applicable university policies, including the Policy on Minors.
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