SGA Funding Proposal Form


Only Student Organizations that have completed both of the following requirements are eligible to receive funding from the Student Government Association:


1. The organization must be officially registered through the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA)

2. The organization's President and Treasurer must have received credit for the Funding 101 Session and the Funding 101 Quiz.


Your Student Organization will appear on the dropdown list below if both criteria have been met.


Please note that funding requests are for the current semester only.* 

Further, all Programming, Travel, and Fundraising Loan proposals must be presented to the committee AT LEAST two weeks prior to the event in question, otherwise they cannot be processed (example: if your committee meeting is October 1st, then your event date must take place October 15th or later).*

*Special cases subject to approval by the Vice President of Business & Finance

* Indicates Response Required