AOAP "Kathie Luecker Memorial" Conference Scholarship Application

The deadline to submit an application for a conference scholarship is September 1 annually.

The Association of Aquatic Professionals offers scholarships to current professionals who might not otherwise be able to attend the AOAP Annual Conference.  Awards are based on the appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the applicant’s job, financial need, contributions of the applicant to his/her community and to the AOAP.  Scholarships of up to $265 in value may be awarded to cover the cost of attending the AOAP Annual Conference as well as 1 night in the hotel being covered and put on the AOAP Master Bill.  Scholarship recipients MUST be current AOAP members.  Scholarships will be awarded based on availability of funds from the AOAP Annual Silent Auction and will vary each year.



  1. Current AOAP member.
  2. Two letters of recommendation - one from the applicant’s supervisor and one additional one from a colleague or professional contact.
  3. Explanation of financial need.
  4. Please note that all award recipients are required to stay at the conference hotel - in order to receive the scholarship. (unless you live within driving distance of the conference site)
  5. All recipients will be requested to volunteer during the conference.  This may be as a room host, ticket taker, etc.


  1. Contributions to the applicant’s job and to his/her community.
  2. Demonstrated contributions to the Association of Aquatic Professionals (such as involvement in AOAP committees, board, etc. - contributions within the last 2-3 years – 4 to 5 points).
  3. Participation summary:  reason expressed, presentation, organization, clarity and writing skills.
  4. Appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the applicant's current position.
  5. Previous scholarships received in the past years.  (If an AOAP scholarship was received in the past points will be deducted from the application).
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Only current AOAP members may apply for scholarship funds.  If you are not a current member please, click here to join before continuing with the application.  Memberships go March 15 - March 15 no matter when you join during the year.
What is the highest educational degree that you have? *
All applicancts must upload two (2) reference letters to this application; one from the applicant's supervisor and one from another professional.  The letters should address applicant's job responsibilities and professional contributions.  The supervisor's letter should show support of the applicant attending the conference. 
* If you are granted a scholarship it is understood that you will attend the Annual AOAP Conference, reserve a room and stay at the conference hotel and volunteer to assist during the conference where needed. 
You will also be required to assist with the set up and running of the annual silent auction which raises the money for these scholarships.  (Tuesday from 2 until the end of set up and then 5:30-8:30 pm in the exhibit hall and on Wednesday from 11:45 am - 3:15 pm in the exhibit hall)



Scholarship Process

The recipients will receive a complimentary conference registration and 1 night in the hotel that will be placed on the AOAP master bill.  No reimbursement of any other expenses will be provided.