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If you have received any notification for violations (General Violation Notice, Notice for Hearing, or Hearing Resolution Notice) from the AVCA office, it is your responsibility to complete the information below to request a re-inspection of your property after you have corrected all of the violations listed in the notification your received.  If you have multiple notices, you must complete a request for each notice.
Re-inspection requests will no longer be taken over the phone.  If for some reason you cannot complete this form online, the form can be downloaded from the AVCA website and copies are also available at the AVCA office.
If you have any questions, please contact Monica White at the AVCA office at 703-723-7910, ext. 123.  You can also email her at

Please complete all fields below

If you would like to be notified after your property is re-inspected, please click YES below. If you do not hear from us, your property has been brought into compliance.