International Thanksgiving Getaway:  Nov 24-26
NOVEMBER 23-25, 2016

Join other international students and friends for two restful nights during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Celebrate the traditions of the season - including turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Read and discuss the Thanksgiving Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln. Relax with a book by the fireplace. Enjoy the company of new friends in a beautiful setting in rural New Hampshire. Take time to reflect on the goodness of God.

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Ride Information:

If you live in Boston or Cambridge will be sharing rides to get to/from Toah Nipi as conveniently as possible.  If you're coming from further away (e.g. New York) and can make it to Boston early on Wednesday you're welcome to ride up with us.  If you are driving yourself be sure to share your car - We usually have a ride shortage, so please bring others along with you.  Thanks!
We will send out Boston ride details on Monday, Nov 21. 

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Payment Information:

Registration deadline is November 18, 2016 please mail checks to:

International Thanksgiving Houseparty
InterVarsity @ Toah Nipi

252 Old Ashburnham Road

Rindge  NH  03461

We will accept registrations after the deadline if there is still space.  We will also accept payment in person at the retreat.  Please bring cash or (preferably) a check made out to "InterVarsity at Toah Nipi", and pay when you check in at Toah Nipi on Wednesday.

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