Dreams That Change Our Lives

Call for Dreams

Although the deadline has passed, we may still be accepting a few more impactful stories that changed your life – on a space available basis – or if we find that it meets a need in a particular chapter.   We are looking only for stories at this point where there was a clear and important life change that can be linked directly to the dream, stories that can inspire others, and for stories that can be told in a short number of words (preferably fewer than 500). 

Thank you for your interest in telling your life changing dream story in the upcoming IASD publication “Dreams that Change Our Lives.”  Sharing your inspirational story with others is important and may provide a new appreciation of the source of inner growth that lies within our dreams.  This book is integral to IASD’s outreach mission in that it promotes awareness of the importance of dreams to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being as well as being a source of new insight and change in our lives.   IASD is therefore looking for inspirational dream stories from those who have experienced life altering changes that were initiated by a dream. We would love to hear your story. 

What we are Looking For: The dream, and the story surrounding it, should be one that made a tangible change in your situation (condition, attitude, emotional state, conflict, belief, behavior etc.) shortly thereafter. It should be a story where it was obvious that the change was brought about by the impact or content of the dream itself. If you are uncertain because your experience or dream sounds too strange and extraordinary to tell, don’t be shy, it is the extraordinary nature of dreams that at times brings change to our lives when we least expect it. Because change is often brought about by reflection on the dream or the insight gained afterwards, we are open to stories where your subsequent work with the dream further illuminated those elements in the dream thus bringing about the life change.  We wish to avoid stories, however, where: the change or insight could not be easily linked to the dream itself, but was largely the result of someone else’s interpretation of what your dream meant; or stories that are focused on promoting one theory or style of interpretation over another. 

The Writing Style:  We will be editing the stories as appropriate to fit the format of the book, however it is helpful to write your story as factually as you can yet in an inspirational style, one which might express your feelings, insights and emotional transformation during the process.  It is your own personal experiences through your dream journey that will provide the inspiration to others to pay attention to their dreams as a source of inner insight. 

The Process: The process of selecting stories for final inclusion in the book has begun (July 2015).  The next step is clustering them into chapters and confirming chapter authors who will make the final selections for their chapters and attempt to edit in the stories.  At that point, if selected, you may be asked to edit your story down to a certain length or to better emphasize some factor such as the link between the dream and the life change. If your story is selected, we will be sending you an acknowledgement. The intent is that you will also be sent a final edited copy (for your review or further editing) and a final release agreement. A preliminary agreement is included below.  

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Contributor Agreement - Release of Information for Publication

By providing a submission to this proposed book, I hereby agree with the terms of this Contributor Agreement, dated at the time of submission between the International Association for the Study of Dreams (hereafter referred to as IASD) and the submitter (hereafter referred to as the "Contributor").  IASD is hereby assigned the rights to publish, integrate, modify, edit, post, compile elements of or adapt the dream story (herein referred to as the “Contribution” in any way, without territorial, time, use or other limitations including its use for advertising and promoting the published works (herein referred to as the “Book”) in commerce , lectures, IASD publications, Web postings and in any and all media including the Internet. 

IASD is assigned the right to include this submission (less identifying names and contact information) in a database which might be used for researching life changing dreams, as part of the publication, as well as for later research interests by those IASD - at its discretion - authorizes to access the database.

Once a contribution has been selected for inclusion the Contributor an additional contributor agreement may be required prior to publishing depending on the requirements of the Publisher that IASD obtains for the final publication of this Book. The terms herein express the understanding and intent of IASD in establishing such an agreement but cannot anticipate its final form. 
It is IASD’s intent that the Contributor retain ownership of the material from which this Contribution is created.  Contributor agrees, however, that any further publishing of that material will not be done in such a way as to preclude publication of the Contribution by IASD in the Book or that it adversely affects the value of the rights granted herein to IASD or its eventual Publisher. Contributor also represents that the Contribution is original, that the Contributor is the sole and exclusive owner of the Contribution, does not violate any statutory or common law copyright; does not contain any plagiarized passages or statements, and that Contributor has the full power to make these representations.
IASD shall copyright the Book, including the Contribution, in IASD’s name.  Contributor hereby grants to IASD the right, title, estate, copyright, and interest in the Contribution for publishing purposes herein, including all revisions and future editions thereof throughout the world. IASD may at its sole discretion self-publish or assign IASD’s interest in the Book containing the Contribution to a third party or publishing house (Publisher) and may lease, license, sub-license, convey, or otherwise dispose of the Book containing the Contribution in any and all forms, including electronic, online, print, and other media.
Submission by the Contributor does not commit IASD to include the Contribution in any preliminary or final publication, such selection to be at the sole discretion of the IASD. IASD retains the right to edit the Contribution to fit the structure and context of the book.  Prior to publishing, IASD may provide edited copy to the Contributor for review, requested changes and/or final editing, with instructions and a deadline for responding, but nothing in this agreement requires IASD to do so.
The Contributor understands and agrees that the Contribution is as a voluntary donation and that there is no compensation to the Contributor promised at this point, however it is IASD’s intent to thank those selected Contributors in some manner as determined in the final arrangement with the Publisher (for example a copy of the Book).
By checking off this box and submitting this Contribution I hereby understand and agree to all of the conditions of the Contributor Agreement above. *