It is time to do another survey.

This time we would like to know what you think of the
Miss FreeOnes 2010 contest.

This poll is completely anonymous, and you have a
chance at winning a copy of the newest FreeOnes DVD

Feel free to leave a comment at the end, and maybe
your suggestion will be added in the future!

Thank you for your time.


* Did you vote for a contestant in the Miss FreeOnes contest?

* Did you already have a MyFreeOnes user account before you started voting?

If you answered no, did you sign up for a free account?

If you had a MyFreeOnes account, did you leave your username when you voted?

* If you didnt sign up for a free account, would you have signed up for a MyFreeOnes account if it were required to vote?

* Do you think that someone should have to be a MyFreeOnes member to vote for a contestant?

Contest Duration

* Did you like the length of time it took to complete the contest (3 months)?

If you answered no, how long would you have preferred the contest to last?

* Did you like how the stages went (top 50 out of overall, top 20, top 10)?

How you voted

* What device did you use to vote?

* From where did you vote for Miss FreeOnes?

* Did you have trouble placing your daily vote?

Voting Options

* Did you like being able to vote for more than 1 contestant a day?
* What do you think of the amount of votes you could give per day?
     (1st round 10 votes, 2nd round 5 votes, last round 1 vote)

Miscellaneous questions

* Regarding the Miss FreeOnes website, do you think there was enough information about the contest?

Miss FreeOnes

* Did you get your family and friends to vote?

How often did you vote for Miss FreeOnes?

* Did any problems occur during your visit to FreeOnes?

* How likely are you to visit us again?

Thank you for your information.

It will be reviewed soon, and your tips might be used in the future!
Please leave your name and email adress, if you want a chance at winning the latest FreeOnes Dvd.
* Indicates Response Required
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