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Gr8Handyman Charges
Labor Only
on All Work Orders
plus Material Costs withou
t Mark-Up. (Customer pays Material Costs)
These are the Basic Hourly Rate Plans

1 Hr Min Labor $75 * 2 Hrs $100 * 3 Hrs $125 * 4 Hrs $150 * 8 Hrs/1 Day $275
[8 Hr Days] 2 Days $500 * 3 Days $750 * 4 Days $1050 * 5 Days/1 Week $1300

Projects Lasting Longer Deserve A Bid

10% Discount on All Projects

DISCOUNT NOT AUTOMATIC: Mention 10% OFF to Gr8Handyman

SAVE BIG with TWO Bathroom Remodels
Pay $3500 Labor (Full Price for 1 Remodel)
Get your Regular Bathroom (Tub/Shower, Vanity, Toilet) Remodeled
Get your Small Bathroom (Vanity, Toilet) Remodeled FREE
(Must Schedule Work In 2013/14 To Qualify. This Special Does Not Qualify For 10% Off.)

Material Costs, Delivery Fees, Dumpster/Hauling Charges, Permits, etc. are not included and remain the responsibility of the authorized signing customer, who must be the owner of the property.

Renters and/or other non-authorized work order requests must have the owners signed permission.

A Contract does not include additional labor, trips to the store or materials which may be required should unforeseen problems or hidden damages arise after the work has started. Additional labor, material costs, trip and/or delivery charges may apply. Additional Fees will be discussed, if required.

Several options to acquire materials are available. Any material costs incurred by the handyman will be documented, without mark-up charges, in a separate envelope of receipts, and reimbursed to the handyman upon request. All receipts will be available for review but need to remain with the handyman for returning store items if required. You are also requested to keep a similar record of your purchases for the same reasons.

Store Returns: Only non-reimbursed purchases qualify for Gr8Handyman to return. Labor Fees are determined at the time of the in-person estimate and presented as Method 1 or 2. “An agreed upon amount” or a “NO More Than , NO Less Than” Labor Price Range, along with a “Target Price”. This will be the Labor Charge the handyman will charge, if the work goes as anticipated.

It is requested for customers who want to help that customer assistance or help be limited to tasks that the customer is familiar with. Examples of help during remodels: Daily Clean-Up and/or Removal of Trash/Debris. Sanding, Painting or Staining are other ways you may choose to help. Please discuss any actions with the handyman before you proceed. After the work is complete, the Labor Charge may be adjusted to reflect the level of difficulty and/or help. In most cases the “Target Price” is selected as the Labor Charged.

Labor is due in full when work is complete, except for projects lasting longer than 7 days, then equal progress payments are due each Friday. Make checks payable to Rollin Morgan, on the Memo Line note if it's Labor, Materials or both.


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