Global Affairs Volunteer Form
The International Reading Association (IRA) is engaged in diverse programs in professional development, advocacy, and research.

The Association is currently seeking technical advisors and trainers to serve on multiple projects. Projects take place both in the U.S./international context and within economically developing countries.

This is a general recruitment effort to assist IRA in identifying expertise for various projects.

Please do not send cover letters.

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Preschool/Early Childhood
Primary (1-4)
Intermediate/late Primary (4-8)
Secondary (9-12+)
Junior/Community College
Undergraduate College/University
Graduate College/University
Adult Education
Administration, supervision
Assessment, testing, diagnosis
Adolescent literacy (e.g. intermediate and secondary level)
Beginning reading and writing
Critical literacy/critical pedagogy (child-centered teaching)
Cognition, perception
Content area literacy
Classroom management
Multi-age classrooms
Design and management of inservice or preservice programs
Family literacy
Home, school, community partnerships
Incorporation of cross-cutting issues into curricula (e.g. evironment, gender, health/HIV/AIDS)
Instructional materials
Instruction technology
Literacy policy
Multi-language literacy (including ESL/bilingual)
Out-of-school youth
Other non-formal education
Staff development (school or higher education level)
Struggling learners (including special education)

Thank you for your interest.  Someone from IRA's Global Affairs area will be in touch with you shortly.  If you have any questions, please email
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