2015 Board Candidate Nominations


Make your voice heard by taking full advantage of the opportunity to recommend to the Association's Nominating Committee candidates for vice president and at large board members for election. The committee may consider only individual members of the Association who have been recommended and who have submitted vita information prior to the committee's meeting. Members may nominate themselves.

Elections are held early in the calendar year, and the elected officials are installed at the Association's Annual Convention in the spring.


July 15

Deadline for submitting nominations

August 25

Candidates’ vitae are due


Nominating Committee selects slate of nominees

Early December

Ballots mailed to individual members


Election information appears in Reading Today, Reading Today Online

Early February

Ballots must be returned

Late April-Early May

Election results announced at Annual Convention

The deadline for submitting nominations is July 15 to allow ample time to verify the eligibility of suggested candidates and obtain their vitae. Submissions received after this date cannot be considered.

Nominations must be received by July 15.


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