2015 Board Candidate Nominations

We invite you to nominate a qualified and motivated candidate who is willing to be considered for the Board of Directors. We encourage each IRA member to contemplate serving as a Board member or officer to support IRA’s goals and strategies toward becoming a thriving, vibrant, and resilient Association.

The deadline for submitting nominations is January 30 to allow ample time to verify the eligibility of suggested candidates and obtain their vitae. Submissions received after this date cannot be considered.

Nominations must be received by January 30.

The offices to be filled:

  • Vice-President (1-year term; currently Diane Barone)
  • At Large Board Member (3) (3-year term)

The qualifications are described below:

  • All potential candidates MUST be IRA members.
  • All potential candidates are expected to have Board experience.
  • General business expertise
  • Good understanding of non-profit business and organization

Specific qualifications that we seek to cover with this year’s call include:

  • Good understanding of non-profit governance
  • Development
  • Demonstrated abilities as a long term strategic thinker

Contact each person you wish to nominate to obtain his or her consent and a brief personal statement (no more than 300 words) expressing his/her commitment to serve and fulfill the duties of the position sought. To be fair to all nominees, longer statements will be cut at 300 words. Your nominee must send this statement directly to you, not to IRA.

Please do not submit a nomination until you have contacted the nominee personally and secured his or her personal statement and agreement to be nominated. You may nominate yourself.

To support your nomination, you will need to state your reasons for the nomination, as they relate to the specific qualifications that we are seeking for this year’s call.



Nominator's Information


Candidate's Information

* Office
* I have contacted the above member about availability and interest in the offices indicated.


Thank you for your recommendation.

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