Teacher's Choices Team Leader Application

The International Reading Association Teachers' Choices Project needs the following information to select new Team Leaders and Trainees. We consider numerous factors, such as geography, support services, number of interested teachers, type of population, and attendance at the IRA's Annual Conference.

Deadline to submit application is October 15, 2014.

We are looking for team leaders in the following areas of the United State, which involves a committment to a three-year term as a trainee/team leader. Please check the area you would like to represent.

Please provide a list of school populations available to field test the books, along with a letter from the schools or school districts indicating they are interest in participating. Please include the following information: Name of school, number of students, grade levels (K-8), special education, ethnic groups, and rural/urban/suburban.



Additional Information

Deadline to submit application is October 15, 2014.
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