IRA Short Story Award Nominating Form
This award is given to the author of an original short story published for the first time during 2014 in a periodical for children. The short story should serve as a literary standard that encourages young readers to read periodicals.

Eligibility and Selection Guidelines
1.   The entry must be an original short story (not a retelling of a folk tale, legend, or myth) appearing in a young children's periodical that regularly publishes short stories for children.  (These would be periodicals generally aimed at readers to about age twelve.) 

2.   The entry must have been published for the first time in the eligibility year (2014). 

3.   The short story must be submitted during the calendar year of publication; thus a story will be considered but one time. 

4.   A story may be entered into the competition by members of the subcommittee, other members of IRA, or authors themselves.  

5.   A story may also be entered into the award competition by its publisher (who may submit no more than three stories per periodical); publisher should send each committee member a copy of the periodical.  All entries must reach the subcommittee by November 15, 2014.  Author and publication should be included on the nomination form.  The pages of each story should be numbered (excluding the nomination form), and each page should bear the title of the story.  

6.   Both fiction and nonfiction stories are eligible; each will be rated according to characteristics that are appropriate for the genre. 

     a. The story should create a believable world for the readers.
     b. The story should be truthful and authentic in its presentation of information.
     c. The story should serve as a reading and literary standard by which readers can measure other writing.
     d. The story should encourage young readers to read by providing them with an enjoyable reading experience.

Nomination Information

Shipping Information

You will be asked to provide one copy of the periodical and photocopy of story to all committee members. Additional instructions will be sent to the e-mail address provided above; please begin to ship submitted articles as soon as you receive the additional information. Periodical must reach the shipping addresses by November 15, 2014. 

* Indicates Response Required