William S. Gray Award

The ILA William S. Gray Award is a nonmonetary award given to a nationally or internationally known individual for their outstanding contributions to the field of reading/literacy.


  • Outstanding contributions in a leadership role in the field of reading
  • Excellent influence on students, teachers, colleagues, children, and parents through instruction, lectures, writings, research
  • Outstanding contributions of a highly original kind in the field of reading theory; outstanding contributions in the field of methods and/or media
  • Initiation and development of original ideas that have increased knowledge and understanding of the reading process and/or improved practices in reading instruction and development
  • Selfless dedication and tireless efforts, encouragement and inspiration, unassuming devotion; service as a prophet (rather than a profiteer) in furthering the development of the field of reading
  • Outstanding contributions to the design and implementation of reading courses; outstanding lectures, over a long period, for reading professionals
  • The production of definitive material or important restructuring of existing material with exhaustive coverage of the given field. Outstanding contributions from the point of view of communication -- brilliant pedagogy in print
  • Superior service in several important capacities in reading, e.g. as teacher, scholar, researcher, psychologist, linguist, supervisor, author, lecturer, critic, administrator, counselor, or clinician

Submission deadline is January 15, 2017

Nominee Information

Nominator Information


The application must include the following items:

  • Rationale for recommending this person, including description of candidate's contributions to reading theory and/or research, reading practice, publications, service to the profession, and service to the International Literacy Association
  • Candidate‚Äôs professional vita (maximum of 3 pages)

To upload your files please click on browse to locate your document in your files than click on upload to attach to form.

If you are unable to upload, please send them via mail (regular or express) to International Literacy Association, ILA William S. Gray Citation of Merit Award, 800 Barksdale Road, Newark DE 19711.



Additional Information

The nominee gives permission for the committee to contact people who have provided documentation should additional information be required.
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