Children's Choices Trainee/Team Leader Application

Children's Choices, an International Literacy Association and Children's Book Council joint project, needs the following information to select new Team Leaders. We consider numerous factors, such as geographical representation, number of students, type of population, leadership and professional involvement, attendance at ILA's annual conference, interest and support of selected schools, and reason for applying.

We are looking for Team Leaders in the following areas of the United States, which involves a commitment to a three-year term as a Trainee/Team Leader. Please check the area you would like to represent.


Teams (young readers) consist of 2,500 children, no more, no less; 1,000 are readers in grades K-2; 750 are readers in grades 3-4; 750 are readers in grades 5-6. This balance is fixed so that each team has the same number of participants at each reading level. The figures are firm. Ideally, readers should be heterogeneous, representing a variety of communities and socioeconomic populations. Please provide a list of the schools where you plan to place the books. Please include the following information: name of school, number of students, grade levels, socioeconomic status, and if the area is rural/urban/suburban. This is an important consideration in selecting Team Leaders.


There must be a lot of cooperation, support, and enthusiasm for Children's Choices from at least three sources other than Team Leaders. Please provide letters from the administrators of participating schools, school districts, or the appropriate departments (if a university is involved) who wholeheartedly support this project.


Additional Information

Teams have repeatedly advised us that the activity can break down in the classroom if teachers are not enthusiastic supporters.

Are you sure that classroom teachers and, when applicable, building-level librarians would be active members of your team?
There is a great deal of work involved in this activity, e.g., keeping records of receipt of books, circulation of books, transporting books from school to school, collecting and tabulating votes, etc.

Do you have sufficient clerical staff or parent volunteers to assist your team with this work?

All teams must have their own supplies, e.g., containers for book circulation, and must prepare materials for readers, e.g., ballots.  These materials are essential to the team’s success and the cost is minimal.  


Do you have, or will you be able to secure, funds for this purpose?

As a Team Leader, you or someone in a leadership role on your team would be asked to participate in the following activities at ILA’s annual conference: Team Leader Orientation Session (preceding the beginning of your term, during and after completion of your term and a one-hour Children's Choices session.


The conference sessions review the responsibilities of Team Leaders and the logistics of the project, and provide essential information from retiring and continuing Team Leaders.
Can you make this commitment? *
I understand and agree that I cannot be involved in any other ILA project dealing with book selection while serving on the Children's Choices Project.  *

Deadline to submit application is March 31, 2017.