IRA Arbuthnot Award

The International Reading Association will present an award annually to honor an outstanding

college or university teacher of children's and/or young adults’ literature.



Nominees must be Association members, affiliated with a college or university, and engaged

in teacher and/or librarian preparation at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. The

nominator may be a colleague, a student, or the nominee himself/herself. Deadline for

submission is November 15, 2014. (Extended to January 15, 2015).


A knowledgeable professional—one who knows the field of children's and/or young adults’

literature and who keeps current in research and practice.


An innovative teacher—ne who initiates and teaches outstanding courses and programs in

children’s and/or young adults’ literature.


A leader in the field of children's and/or young adults’ literature--one who serves the

profession and assumes leadership positions in appropriate college, school, community,

and/or professional organizations.


A role model/mentor—ne who inspires and instructs students/teachers to generate

knowledge and appreciation for children’s and young adults’ literature.


A disseminator—ne who researches, publishes, and promotes exemplary instructional

practices beyond his/her own campus.

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

The application must include the following items:

1. A short vita which includes educational background, credentials/certifications, academic, professional and community contributions, including selected publications and honors.
2. A vision statement prepared by the nominee (2 to 5 pages) which includes beliefs and practices in educating teachers and/or librarians.
3. A representative syllabus. 
4. Five (5) letters of recommendation. At least one should come from a student; others should be from colleagues or supervisors with knowledge of the candidate's teaching.

To upload your files please c
lick on 'browse' to locate your document in your files than click on 'upload' to attach to form.

If you are unable to upload, please send them via:

Mail (regular or express)
International Reading Association
IRA Arbuthnot Award
800 Barksdale Road
Newark DE 19711









Additional Information

* The nominee gives permission for the committee to contact people who have provided documentation should additional information be required.
* Has the nominee/applicant been nominated for or applied for another IRA award this year?


Use this checklist to be sure you have completed and submitted all sections of your application correctly before clicking on 'Submit'.
* Indicates Response Required