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I understand and accept that, as a member of West River Racing, that I have read and understand my responsibilities and commitments a Team Member (below) and that I agree to abide my these at all times.

I also understand that participation in the sport of, cycling has inherent risks associated with it including, but not limited to. crashes, collisions, with other cyclists, injury from road debris, etc. I also understand that I hereby waive all rights and claims that I may have against West River Racing, Officers and Board Members of West River Racing and its members, sponsors, and USA Cycling.

I understand that my membership in the team maybe revoked at anytime if I fail to abide by these responsibilities. Membership in the club must be renewed each year.

As a member of West River Racing I commit to contributing my time and energy to assist with Team activities during the year. For the coming year, I agree to help and volunteer with an official team event. *
I will wear an approved cycling helmet at all times and abide by all applicable traffic laws in accordance with generally accepted principles of safe cycling. *
I will be a positive ambassador for the Team, other team sponsors, and cyclists in general, both in person, and in social media. *