BIANJ 2022 Annual Seminar Evaluation

Building Community and Enhancing Quality of Life Following Brain Injury
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
(Independent Study)

Implementation of Structured Physical Exercise to Promote Mental Health/Wellness in Individuals After Brain Injury


Ilana Beitscher, MS, OTR

Jenna Tucker, PT, DPT, NCS, CBIS

Workshop Feedback
The content of the workshop met the following three objectives: *
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Discuss the literature on mental health after TBI and the role/benefits of physical exercise.
Discuss evidence-based strategies for potential interventions.
Apply recommended guidelines for structured exercise programs and strategies to overcome challenges of implementation.
General Feedback *
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The content of this workshop was consistent with my expectations.
The content of this workshop was relevant to my profession.
Audio/Visual aids increased or enhanced the learning objectives of the presentation.
Overall, the workshop enhanced my knowledge of the subject and was a positive educational experience.
The instructional methods and materials promoted online learning.
Will you change your practice based on knowledge acquired at this seminar?
Please evaluate the Speaker(s): *
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Preparation and organization.
Ability to maintain interest.
Responsiveness to audience.
Knowledge of subject.
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