BIANJ 2022 Annual Seminar Evaluation

Building Community and Enhancing Quality of Life Following Brain Injury
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
(Independent Study)

Executive Functioning, Mental Health and Brain Injury: Connecting the Dots in School


Lois Mishkin, MA, CCC-SLP, LDT-C, ADHD-RS

Susan Paradise, M.Ed.

Workshop Feedback
The content of the workshop met the stated objectives: *
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Illustrate how executive functioning can affect mental health.
Identify executive function challenges in students and apply strategies to help students improve cognitive, social, and emotional functioning.
Evaluate tools and strategies to assist students to manage executive functioning to reduce mental health sequelae.
General Feedback *
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The content of this workshop was consistent with my expectations.
The content of this workshop was relevant to my profession.
Audio/Visual aids increased or enhanced the learning objectives of the presentation.
Overall, the workshop enhanced my knowledge of the subject and was a positive educational experience.
The instructional methods and materials promoted online learning.
Will you change your practice based on knowledge acquired at this seminar?
Please evaluate the Speaker(s): *
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Preparation and organization.
Ability to maintain interest.
Responsiveness to audience.
Knowledge of subject.
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