Annual Membership Survey
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SLS Services

Please provide feedback on the SLS Plan of Service Elements below. The Plan of Service can be found at .  

Element 1: Resource Sharing and Element 5: Coordinated Services for Members

How would you rate our union catalog (SCOOLS)?  *
How would you rate your satisfaction with ILL services? *
Digital Collections:
How would you rate your satisfaction with SLS-provided digital collections (databases and eBooks)? 
These include SIRS, National Geographic Kids, Rosen Digital Literacy, World Book eBooks, Gale/DK eBooks, ePoint Plus eBooks, Rosen CyberSmarts eBooks, and *
Please check off the SLS resources that you currently use: *
For the items you did NOT select above, why are they not used? *

Element 2: Special Client Groups

Element 3: Professional Development and Training

How would you rate the professional development opportunities provided through the School Library System in 2016-2017? *

Element 4: Consulting and Development Services & Element 7: Communication Among Members

Please check off all the methods of SLS digital communication that you currently use: *

Element 6: Awareness and Advocacy


Please share any final thoughts about SLS services this year, and any suggestions for improvements that will make the School Library System service more valuable to you, your library program, and your school:
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Thank you for your time and willingness to share information and feedback. The School Library System is always looking for ways to better serve you. Your input is greatly appreciated!