Capital District Fall Membership Rally 2019

You have chosen to experience one of the most exciting annual Circle K events, Fall Membership Rally (FMR)!

FMR 2019 is a two-day event filled with Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. Get ready to join us under the stars for a camp themed adventure filled with s'mores, games, and more!
This thrilling event will be on October 11-12, 2019 in Appomattox, VA at the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center.
Early Bird Registration is $35 and ends at 11pm September 18th, if you register by this date you will be entered into a raffle to win one of two $15 Starbucks gift cards.
Regular registration is still $35 and ends at 11pm September 30th.
Any registration submitted after September 30th at 11pm is considered LATE. Late registration is $50 and closes at 11pm October 4th, after which registrations will no longer be accepted.
Cancellations must be receieved in writing and no later than Tuesday, October 8th at 11pm. Cancellations received after that time and no-shows will not receive refunds and clubs will be held responsible. Clubs will be contacted to confirm all registrations from their club.
*only Capital District Circle K members are eligible for the gift card drawing.
For members coming outside of the District, the cost will be $45.
For the first year ever we will be accepting applicants for a Media Intern. The Media Intern will be responsible for documenting the event and compiling video footage to be used as a promotional video for FMR 2020. As compensation, the registration fee will be waived for the Media Intern.  Applications are due September 23rd by 11pm EST. For more details, Apply HERE! [ ]
There is no option for linens this year so you will need to bring your own [sheets, pillow, blanket, towels, etc] or a sleeping bag. If you would like to purchase a sleeping bag you can do so here: . Make sure to have it delivered prior to attending FMR! 
If you'd like to purchase a sleeping bag but aren't interested in keeping it, we're accepting them as donations after the event!
We can't wait to see you there!
If you have any questions or concerns contact Jordan Cooke at
All participants are required to stay at the 4-H center. You will be housed in rooms of around 18. If you have a preferance of those you would like to stay with please list them here. If you do not, leave this section blank. You are not guaranteed to be in a room with those that are listed. We will try to accommodate your requests as best we can.
I do not mind if I room with boys or girls. *
Are you interested in applying for the Media Intern position, responsible for photography and videography for the event ? Applications are due the 23rd! *
We will be holding a Tabling Exhibit Hall during registration prior to the start of the Welcome Session at 8:30 pm. If you or your club are planning to arrive before 8:00, bring your tabling materials and show off your set up! This will be an opportunity to share what methods have worked best for Your Club while helping newer clubs to kick off their year! Please indicate in the form below if you are planning to arrive before 8pm and present your table at the exhibit hall! *
Will you be 18 as of October 11th, 2019? *
Are you paying for yourself or is your club paying for you? *
Late Registration for FMR is $50. You may choose to pay by check or online via PayPal or Venmo. If choosing to pay by check, please mail to District Administrator Serena Bell or bring your check with you to the event. All payments are due at the start of the event. [if applying for Media Intern please choose your preferred payment, but wait to submit until applications are reviewed] *
If you are paying by Check or PayPal please check the box next to the desired payment option:
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