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The front desk will be informed that your registration form has been submitted when a tuition payment is made. Completing an online registration form does not hold your spot in class until a tuition payment is received.

Registration form and payment must be received 72 hours before attending any class (including trials). Please read the withdrawal policy below which is available for children age 6 and younger.


Participant Information

Household / Adult Primary Contact

Relationship to Participants: *
I have read, understood and am in agreement with the Tuition & Registration Terms as listed above. *
My electronic signature below indicates that I have read, understood and agree with the Class Attire terms as listed above.  *
Recital & Recital Costumes
Recreational & Visiting dancers performing in our yearly recital and other productions are required to purchase the appropriate costumes through Integral Ballet.
Costumes will likely require sewing and alteration which is the responsibility of the parent.
Final costume payment is due by November 15th. Students must be enrolled no later than October 1st in order to participate in our June recital. Please note that classes continue through August in our program.
Costume deposits and final payments are non-refundable.
There will be a dress rehearsal for recital in the spring. Parents are responsible for ensuring the fit of the costume, as well as for providing the appropriate color tights, shoes and undergarments.
For recital, ballet requires pink tights, pink shoes. A skin-toned camisole leotard may be worn under costumes if desired. Jazz and tap require skin tone tights and tan shoes. Contemporary, modern and acro are barefoot or with foot undeez and tan stirrup tights.
My electronic signature below indicates that I have read, understood and agree with the Recital and Recital Costume terms as listed above.  *

Studio Rules

Trial/placement periods are available as outlined on the tuition schedule. Integral Ballet reserves the right to drop registrants from enrollment without refund due to nonpayment, disruptive behavior, excessive absences, or improper attire. Classes with five or less students are subject to shortening. Class and level placement is at the discretion of Integral Ballet staff only.

Family and friends are not permitted in studio unless invited and announced.
Parents must be on time for pick up after class. Families who leave their child at the studio after hours will incur a $1 per minute babysitting charge.
Neither the child nor I will receive compensation for any published photographs taken at Integral Ballet or events hosted by Integral Ballet. I authorize Integral Ballet to publish photographs taken of me or my child for publicity purposes.

I have read, understood and am in agreement with all of the information contained in this form and give my child, who is in good health, permission to participate in dance and movement classes at Integral Ballet. I hold Integral Ballet, its teachers, staff and school, harmless for any and all injuries arising out of participation in any class(es) or other related activities away from the school. In such event, I further agree that the cost of such medical services shall be borne exclusively by myself. I hereby authorize Integral Ballet to take any necessary steps to make medical attention available, including physicians, hospitals or any other medical services, and Integral Ballet shall have full discretion to make such a decision. Photographs and videos of students from the school may be used for publicity in the future. I have listed below any and all medical problems concerning the student. 
I explicitly understand and agree to the foregoing terms as well as the amount of tuition as listed above. My affixed electronic signature has the same legal force and effect as my handwritten signature. *
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