New Utility Joining UPP

For any questions about this form or UPP in general, please email 

Information about your utility

Please note that at this time UPP is not allowed in the following MAs:
Arizona Water Association
New Jersey Water Environment Association
Quebec –Réseau Environment
Water Environment Association of South Carolina
If you wish to participate in these MAs, please join individually or contact

Primary Contact Information

Individuals Participating in UPP

Please remember that even though you are paying the bill collectively each individual will have their own membership.
Please direct all non-WEF member employees wishing to participate in this UPP to complete this form. If some of your utility's employees already hold a membership with WEF, please upload an Excel file with their name, email, and WEF member number below. For questions, contact 

The Water Environment Federation (“WEF”) is committed to providing a professional, safe, and welcoming environment for all members and expects members to uphold WEF’s commitment to providing and supporting a positive environment for all WEF members and others affiliated with WEF. View WEF's membership Code of Conduct at *
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