2024 Volunteen Summer Program Application

Complete and submit the application for consideration as a student Volunteer at NCH Naples Comprehensive Health. You can scroll down to the bottom of the application to "Save Progress" You can return to complete the application at anytime. When you application is complete, you must click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. After submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation email with steps you should follow next. We will only evaluate applications that have been properly submitted.



Please provide a phone # and email address that you use/check often. We may reach out to you by phone to follow-up on your application, and you will be notified of your status in the program by email. Please verify that you have entered this information correctly.


Do any of the following apply to you: *



NCH has two main hospitals and multiple other facilities. If accepted, we will do our best to accommodate your preferred location.

We cannot guarantee your preferred location. Do you still want to participate? *
TB TEST: I understand that NCH requires volunteers to submit proof of a negative TB test prior to starting as a volunteen. Parental consent is required. *
FLU SHOT: I understand that NCH requires volunteers to have a flu shot during the flu season. Volunteers can decline the flu shot for religious reasons, but required paperwork must be submitted to the Volunteer Office for review. Parental consent is required. *


VolunTeen Orientation: May 18, 2024

2024 Program Dates: June 3rd - July 26th, Optional Dates: July 27th - August 3rd

NCH VolunTeens serve two, 4-hour shifts per week. VolunTeens must communicate their availability to the Volunteer Office to ensure that assignments do not conflict with school, work or extracurricular activities.

VolunTeens must achieve a minimum of 50 hours (excluding bonus hours) to leave the program in GOOD STANDING. Accepted VolunTeens must attend an in-person interview and orientation. Accepted VolunTeens must attend a minimum of two of the three scheduled in Classroom Instructional Training.

If selected for this program, will you be able to fulfill the requirements of 50 hours (excluding bonus hours)? *
What days of the week are you
consistently available? *
Where did you hear about us? *


*Falsification or failure to disclose complete information will DISQUALIFY YOU from volunteer service. A conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from volunteer service.

Have you ever been employed by NCH Naples Comprehensive Heath or any of its affiliates in any capacity? *
Have you previously done volunteer
work for this organization? *
Other than a misdemeanor traffic violation, have you ever been charged with or convicted of any crime? *
Are you charged with an unresolved criminal charge? (Are you charged with a crime that has not yet resulted in a plea of guilty, court trial, deferred adjudication or dropping of the charge? *
Are you currently on probation? *


Please take some time to answer the following questions in all 7 sections. We are looking for quality responses, they do not have to be lengthy; a 3-10 sentence answer is appropriate.

Section 1: Understanding You
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Section 2: Experience/Qualities
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Section 3: Ethics/Confidentiality
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Section 4: Empathy/Customer Service
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Section 5: Leadership
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Section 6: Goals
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Section 7: Teamwork
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Please certify that you have completed this aplication independently by signing below.  your E-signature confirms that these answers are your own unique views, and another person did not answer or complete this application for you.
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