Tell City Council to defer the overhaul of our Zoning Code until we have a new mayor!

This campaign is being organized by neighbors in the Highland Business and Neighborhood Association who successfully fought off the attempts of 7 Eleven to sell alcohol at their Lomas and Washington location. 
Basic Details: The Albuquerque City Council and big developers are pushing forward a plan to overhaul our City Zoning Code. They are trying to get this passed as soon as they can because they know Mayor Berry will sign it and there is a lot of money to be made by developers. 
Here is a recent ABQReport Article about where the IDO is at now with Neighborhood Associations
Here is past Albuquerque Journal Article About this Plan
Here is the website for the proposed plan
Next Hearing: Monday, November 13th at 5pm at Vincent E. Griego City Council Chambers. Show up in person and make your voice heard. Dozens of developers who want Mayor Berry to sign this have been at every meeting raising their voices to support the passing of this zoning overhaul as soon as possible. They know Mayor Berry will sign it and leave it to our new mayor to ahve to impliment without getting any say in how it is structured. 
Deadline: The City Council almost voted on this on November 6th and they'll definitely vote on it on the 13th UNLESS we raise our voices for a deferal. Please submit the below form, customize the letter as you see fit, and get 10 friends who are ABQ residents to submit a letter as well. The only way, we will get this defered is if we overwhelm our city councilors with letters. They were elected to represent our interests and they won't do that unless they hear from us!
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