About the Learners@Home Program

About Learners @ Home

• The highlight of this program is an opportunity for our students to regualrly work with our coaches through screen shairing on zoom. We have a ciriculem to lead them through in these lessons and we will also play chess with them and coach them through games and puzzles! 

• This program is a way for us to continue our model of having students work through chess exercises ("chess-ercises") and earn rewarding and fun chess prizes for doing so.

• Since a lot of the learning in this new program is mostly self directed, we are expanding our prize offerings. 

• Students will work through a progressively more complicated series of interactive chess puzzles and technique exercises, earning points as they go. 

• Students can use these points to order prizes, which will be available for pick up on a select few days this coming Summer. 

• This is a great opportunity for students to set some long term learning and achievement goals and get some fun rewards for doing so. 


• After you register, you will receive an email with links to the entire series of "chess-ercises" in the Learners @ Home Program. Many of these from from our booklets that we used already and many more expand on the booklets and are interactive chess activities on the lichess platform (no lichess account required)

• The first activity is the chess coordinate challenge, which is great fun and can also help student familiarize themselves with using chess notation. They will need this, as they will need to report their answers to booklet puzzles using chess notation in an excel document that you will be able to download. 

• Students work through booklet puzzles and interactive online puzzles and exercises, retrying as often as necessary.

• Student may also earn points for playing chess online and there is a report form for you all to fill out so that they can earn those points. 

• Students may also schedule Zoom coaching sessions with Learners Chess Coaches to help them with puzzles, techniques, live chess playing on the Internet, and/or reviewing games that have already been played. 

• Parents, you will need to attest to students' mastery of each skill level in provided report forms. 

• We will also select many student reports that come in for a "comprehension check" and our coaches will schedule zoom meetings to check student comprehension of the puzzles. 

• Point totals will be tracked, compiled, and published for each student.

When students have earned enough points, they may place an order for any prize they can afford with their points from Learners' list of prizes.


What we need from you to make this a success:

Honor System
This a few parts of this program are reliant on the honor system. It is important that you and your children are discerning and truthful in reporting the puzzle levels that they master.
Solid Internet? *
Navigate between tabs? *
Judiscious use of hints:
In the chess exercises that we are using in this program, there are buttons in the chess exercises that say "show hint."
If the student has really worked through a given puzzle and still has no idea how to proceed, they may press the show hint button.
If they need to press the "show hint" button to solve a puzzle, they should really take their time to understand and learn the reason that a puzzle's answer is what it is. 
They should then start over that series of puzzles and only give themselves credit for solving puzzles when they have solved an entire series of puzzles in a row without using any hints. *
Schedule Time with Coaches!
After registering, you will be emailed a link to sign up for one-on-one screen shairing time with our coaches. You will need to download the free Zoom app for your computer or device. Be sure to schedule one-on-one time with coaches, especially when your child is struggling with a particular skill level.  *
Download Zoom on your computer or device
When working with coaches one-on-one, please be sure to download Zoom so that our coaches can connect with your student(s) to learn chess. The main feature we will use is the screen share feature so that our coaches can offer live coaching advice while they can see what puzzles or games that your students are working on in real time. *
A huge part of our program is teaching and practicing mindfulness. One of our students recently did his science fair project testing if mindfulness improves his chess playing. He found that it does! Please practice 1 minute of mindfulness (calm and self aware breathing focused on eliminating distractions and maintaining self control) with your student before they start working on chess activities.  *

Registration for Learners' Spring 2020 Learners @ Home Program

Was this student enrolled in a Learners Spring 2020 Before/After School Program that got cut short due to the Covid-19 Pandemic? *
Thank you for being a part of our program in the Spring of 2020.
We are so sorry that most all of our clubs got cancelled about 2/3 of the way through.
Please accept this online program as the last third of the Spring 2020 Program. 
Thank you for signing up, we encourage you to make a donation ranging from $20-$50 for this program if you can, but please know it is not required.
Gender *
One way students will be able to earn points in this program is by playing chess and in our online tournaments. 

Would you like to join our daily email announcement for the weekday chess tournaments that we run every weekday at 5:30pm?

Parent Information

I commit to ensure that:
--My child spend at least 30 minutes at a time at least 4 times a week, working on their progress. 
--While I may help my child figure out certain puzzles, I will not affirm their mastery of a skill level until they have gone through and solved all puzzles required for a given form on their own.

Optional Donation

We suggest a donation amount that you can afford from $20-$50. *
No worries at all. We still offer this program to your children to benefit from and have fun learning the game of chess and they are still eligible to win as many of our prizes as they can! 
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