Winter 2022 Youth Chess Tournament

Saturday, December 10th at Learners Chess, 532 Adams NE.
Max: 32 participants.
Kids may be dropped off at this tournament and picked up at the end. 
Parents who plan to stay are encouraged to bring a folding chair, as they might do if they attended a child's soccer game. 
Estimated Schedule for the Day:
-1 Hour Tournament Prep Camp, 9:00am-9:50am
-All players check in by 9:55am
-Round 1, 10:00am
-Round 2, 10:30am
-Round 3, 11:00pm
-Round 4, 11:30am
-Round 5, Noon
-Trophies and medals, 12:35pm
Clocks will be set for 15 minutes per side with a 2 second increment. If your player hasn't had a chance to practice with a clock, there are free chess clock apps downloadable on any tablet device or smart phone.
Sponsored by
Learners Chess Academy


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Pre Tournament Prep Chess Camp (9am-9:50am)
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Any player who has played in our clubs, camps, community clubs, or tournaments withint the past year should have an active rating. Any rating that are inactive will still apply to the player once they play mroe rated games. 
If your player does not have a rating, then they will enter this tournament as "unrated" and then after the tournament they will have a rating. Learn more about the Learners Chess rating system here:

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If you cannot afford $2 or you don't have a credit card, please call or text 505-369-6026 and let us know so we can help you get your child into this tournament.
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