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Thanks for taking a few minutes to fill out the 2017 Latitude 38 Reader Survey. The info that you provide will be a great help in fine-tuning our future editorial content as well as helping our advertisers, who support the distribution of our free magazine, with some insights into who, how and why people continue to read Latitude 38.

Prize Drawing: While your personal contact information is not required we will have a grand prize drawing of a gear bag from Bainbridge International filled with Latitude 38 swag and other goodies. To be entered in the drawing, please provide your email address and/or other contact information.

As Latitude 38 celebrates its 40th anniversary we’re continuing to evolve with the world of sailing. Our readers do the best job of keeping us connected with the world of sailing. Thanks again for reading Latitude 38 and sharing any insights you have to offer.
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