Oppose Alcohol Sales on Washington and Lomas

Basic Details: The gas station on the corner of Lomas and Washington recently decided that they want to sell alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption.
Here is the full application from Southwest Convenience Store LLC.
Next Hearing: The applicants have now requested a second deferral and so our hearing on this case will take plae on Tuesday April 18th at 9am at 600 2nd St. NW in the basement of the PLaza del Sol Building. Along with this letter of support, please attend this hearing as a show of support and solidarity against the sale of alcohol on Lomas and Washington. 
Deadline: All letters and testimony must be submitted by 5pm, April 12th, 2017. 
There are countless injuries a community faces when an establishment chooses to sell alcohol including packaged liquor. At the moment there is a burden on Southwest Convenience Store LLC to prove that it will not be injurious to our community.
If we want to keep them from selling alcohol and attracting all of the injuries that will surely come, we need to make a strong case to Albuquerque's Zoning Hearing Examiner that this proposed action will cause injury to us and our community.
Join all of us who are already mobilizing to oppose this action. 
Make your voice heard by filling out this form and submitting your letter of oposition below. 

Your letter of opposition:

Add any personal testimony you have that will support our case that the sale of alcohol at the 7-11 on Washngton and Adams will be injurious to our community.
Testimony can include your personal experience and witness of problems that occur at other establishments that sell alcohol for off site consumption. It may also be testimony about crime and vagrancy that already occurs around the neighborhood of Lomas and Washington.

Thank you for your support. When you are satisfied with your letter, click the below submit button and a copy of your letter with your contact information will be submitted to the administrative assistant to Zoning Hearing Examiner, Christopher Graser, Angel Vallejos at avallejos@cabq.gov.