2020 CAPAL VA Internship Application

Are you currently enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student or graduating soon?

You must be enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student to apply. Graduating students may intern up to two sessions immediately following their graduation. *
Are you currently in good standing at said institution?

Student in Good standing- a student who meets the minimum required academic status of the accredited post-secondary institution who’s cumulative and current Grade Point Average (GPA) does not fall below the GPA required by the institution. Students who are in academic good standing are not on academic probation or suspension. *
Are you a Veteran? *
Full-Time or Part-Time Preference
Please rank your perference with "1" being the top choice. You are allowed to choose more than one.  *


Degree Pursued *
Academic Year

Application Materials

Letter of Recommedation (2)
It is permissible to mention in the letter that you are applying to the VA, but DO NOT mention CAPAL in the body of the letter. This is to ensure a blind selection process in determining intern placement. Please summit two letters of recommedations.

Will your recommender be mailing or emailing your recommendation separately?

Your recommender may either:
>Email their letter to - applications@capal.org
>Mail their letter to - CAPAL, PO Box 65073, Washington, DC 20035

This MUST be done by the application deadline.

Demographic Information

Your responses in this section are completely voluntary and confidential, and you may withhold any information you believe may compromise your identity. All information collected here will be used to produce summary statistics and will in no way be used to evaluate your candidacy.
Do you qualify for the Pell Grant?
How did you first hear about CAPAL?