Thank you for using the Small Business Center (SBC) at your local Community College.  You are receiving this survey because you have either attended training at a SBC or online, and/or received confidential counseling at your local SBC.
In order to maintain the quality of our services, we ask that you complete this survey.  Your response is confidential and it is vital to the funding and continuation of services provided by the Small Business Center Network.
The information shared in this survey is reported to the state, but only statistical data is shared.  Examples of information shared are aggregate number of businesses started, jobs created, and jobs retained.  The Small Business Center will never report, for example, John Doe was able to start his business "ABC Cleaning Service" on March 1, 2023, without permission from John Doe - unless required by law.
Services received from the Small Business Center are free of charge, and are paid for by state and college funds.  Some funding provided to the Small Business Center is based on program outcomes.  Some funding for future services is based on the responses received in surveys, like the one being compled today.  Participation in this survey is voluntary, but participation does help the state and local college judge the effectiveness of funds utilized.