PMJA Editor Corps

The PMJA Editor Corps includes a stable of well-known public media editors.  PMJA will assign editors based on the needs of stations and the availability of editors.  PMJA will pay the editor for work done under this project.  PMJA Membership is not required to participate.  Assignments will be prioritized by PMJA based on need with priority to smaller and medium-sized stations.  The PMJA Editor Corps is funded through the generous support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR, PRX and the Knight Foundation.

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Terms and Conditions

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PMJA is responsible to assign an editor to the station at its discretion and based on the availability of funding and availability of independent editors.

PMJA and individual editors have a separate agreement outlining payments to the editor. The station has no responsibility to pay the editor.

The station is responsible for working with the PMJA editor in good faith for the hours agreed upon. The station is ultimately responsible for all on-air content.

PMJA has developed editorial guidelines that all editors will be using.  Those guidelines are available HERE

The station agrees to this responsibility and will hold harmless PMJA and the individual editor. *


All questions regarding the PMJA Editor Corps can be directed to:
Terry Gildea, PMJA Executive Director - or 801-556-1904
Christine Paige Diers, PMJA Business Manager - or 605-490-3033