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In Facility Testing (IFT) Event Request Form

Important TCNet Compatibility Requirements

If your site has not tested with Prometric recently, it is important that your IT department ensures your equipment and network are ready for TCNet by meeting all of the technical requirements found below:

TCNet Requirements

If you have any questions please contact Prometric's support teams today for additional guidance. 

Part I: Notification of Testing 

Instructions: When your facility is prepared to schedule a testing date, complete Part I of this form to notify us of your request for a test date.  
Completed candidate applications and test fees must be received by Prometric a minimum of 10 business days before the scheduled test date. Please review each candidate application before mailing the batch to Prometric for quality assurance. If a candidate application is incomplete, it may cause a delay if not corrected before 5 business days of the event.

Upon submittal of this request you will receive a notification of receipt from Prometric via email, print the notification out and complete the roster. The email must be used by the facility requesting testing as the batch cover sheet.

It’s important to reach out to all of your candidates to ensure they are receiving their ATT letters. If you find this not to be the case, have the candidate(s) reach out to our Registration and Scheduling department at (800) 805-9128 as their applications were most likely marked incomplete. This is another reason getting your applications in on time is important.

No changes will be made to rosters after the 5 business day mark before your scheduled event. Please do not wait until your rosters come out to discover you have candidates missing as at that point we will most likely be unable to have them added to that event. 

Tips** Top reasons applications are being marked incomplete: 

  • Missing name change documents
  • Missing or incorrect training completion date
  • Missing or incorrect training route
  • Missing ADA packet (must be accompanied with IEP


Partner Details

Contact Information

Event Details

NOTE: A separate form must be completed for each test date you are requesting.  All requests must be submitted to Prometric at least 10 days before the requested test date.
Each date must be unique, and cannot be repeated for scheduling efficiency
If your test site participates as a Regional Test Center please confirm that the IFT dates do not conflict with Regional test events.
**Note**  Prometric requires a minimum of four candidates scheduled per testing event.  Fewer than four candidates scheduled will result in the event being cancelled.  A maximum of 8 candidates can be scheduled per testing event.  More than 8 candidates scheduled will require an additional event request.
If your site has been approved to test more than eight candidates per day, please alert us to this information in the box below.

TC Net Reminders

Event Preferences




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