Distributor Show Hours: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Client Show Hours: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

It's time to start your engines and gear up for an exciting experience for you and your clients!

The show floor will be open to Distributors only for the first hour to visit with our top-notch suppliers prior to the show opening to all invited guests. 

Distributors and clients will have access to flyers, videos and show specials and have the opportunity to text chat with exhibitors or "meet" with them for face-to-face interaction. PromoShow has devised technology where host distributors will have the ability to track clients on the show floor through a unique "dashboard" and interact with their clients in the same way!  You'll know when they arrive to welcome them and meet with them in booths or privately. 

PromoShow has prepared YouTube videos for distributors outlining these features  and for clients on how to navigate the show.    You'll receive a follow-up email with the videos.

A limited number of show boxes, containing "Drive to Thrive" event merch will be available for purchase on a first come, served basis.  A way to show your clients how to curate and deliver a true experience in a box for virtual events - be sure to sign up early to order your boxes!

Check out all of the show details, features and registration info below…

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!


Exhibitor Listing
Suppliers are signing up daily - check NEPPA.com for updates!

PromoShow Video Tutorials / Webinar

Please view the helpful videos below prepared by PromoShow:
Distributor Video (not inviting clients) 
Distributor Host Video  (distributors who are inviting/registering clients)
Client Video 
PromoShow is conducting a training webinar for Distributor Hosts.

NEPPA Distributor Host Training – PromoShow
Wednesday, March 10, 2021
3:00 - 3:45 PM EST
Join with Google Meet: meet.google.com/ppv-dtiz-dwk


Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Distributor Show Hours 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Client Show Hours: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM 


NEPPA Member Distributors
Show admission is FREE for all company personnel!

NEPPA members only may invite/register clients.  Distributors may attend the show whether they invite clients or not.  

Client Registration Fee
$5.00 per client 
The registration fee for clients who do not attend is non-refundable.

Distributor Hosting Fee
Distributor members who wish to invite/register clients will pay a hosting fee of $25.00, which includes registering up to 5 clients.  The hosting fee is non-refundable.  ($5.00 each for additional clients)

District 1 Members
CPPA, PAPPA, SAAGNY, TRASA and VAPPA members may attend the show free. Please call NEPPA at 603-529-8400. 

Non-member Distributors
Show admission is $75 per person.  You may cancel by emailing info@neppa.com by March 19th. The admission fee is non-refundable if you do not attend the show. 
We invite you to join NEPPA - you and all company personnel may attend the show FREE... and invite clients!  Please complete the Application to Join.  

Show Details

Host your customers and treat them to a day of great ideas and experiences - they'll have the opportunity to see the latest trends in promotional marketing!
We welcome non-members to join and invite their clients. Complete and submit the Application for Membership.
Distributors who will be inviting/registering clients will register as a  Distributor Host.*
There is a hosting fee of $25, which includes up to 5 client registrations.
After distributors register as a host, PromoShow will create a unique URL host link specific to the distributor. 

On the show floor, distributors will be able to track their clients through a "dashboard."  When they arrive, distributors can text chat and meet them in booths on camera.  Distributors will be able to chat/meet privately with their clients - individually and/or as a group with all clients. 
*Shared Host URL - Distributors may share their URL host link with others in their company.  There would be one $25 fee - one dashboard.  All distributors and all clients would be included in discussions.  The primary distributor would add staff personnel when they are logged into PromoShow.  If distributors would want to manage their own clients, they should have their own URL host / dashboard.
PromoShow is conducting a training webinar for Distributor Hosts, which will be recorded if you are unable to attend.
NEPPA Distributor Training – PromoShow
Wednesday, March 10, 2021
3:00 - 3:45 PM EST
Join with Google Meet: meet.google.com/ppv-dtiz-dwk
NEPPA has designed an email invitation for you to promote the show and invite your clients.  
Client Invitation - jpg version
Client Invitation - pdf version (Client video is embedded.)

The invitation may be used in two different ways:
1. The client invitation may be used for initial client interest before the distributor registers as a host (as there is a fee).  If clients wish to attend, the distributor would then register as a host and receive their unique URL host link.  The distributor would follow up with those clients who wish to attend with the host link.  You will receive the invitation links (jpg & pdf) in your confirmation email.
2. Distributors may register as a host in advance and provide the host link with the client invitation email.  You would choose this option if you were certain that clients would be registering (as there is a hosting fee).   You will receive the invitation links (jpg & pdf) in  your confirmation email.  PromoShow will generate your Distributor Host URL, which NEPPA will send to you in a separate email .
Clients will register directly through PromoShow by clicking on your host link.  Clients are tied to the host distributor when they register.  Distributors will receive an email notification when a client registers and may view their client registration list.  Payment is due prior to the show.  You will receive a payment link.  
MARCH 19, 2021 
There is no deadline stated on the client invitations.  Distributors will set their own deadline as clients will be registering on their own.   We encourage you to set an early deadline so that clients will have time to review the video on navigating the show and be comfortable on show day.   Then follow up with those who haven't responded.  

Identification or "badges"
Client Badges (red): Supplier presenters see client name, company and host distributor company. 
Distributor Badges: Supplier presenters see distributor name and company.
Other attendees don't see each others badges. If there is a "meet all" in a supplier booth, only the names are seen.

Please view the PromoShow YouTube videos.  Booths will be identified by supplier logos and be listed alphabetically for easy navigation.
Show flyers/show specials will be available 24 hours after the show closes. 

Client Show Box

The Drive to Thrive Event Kits are not to be missed!

We’ve worked with our generous supplier sponsors to create a kit that features an array of high quality, curated items that your clients will love and use everyday. Each item ties into our theme and it’s a great opportunity to show your clients how YOU can support their virtual meetings and events with custom kits. There are only 150 available and these will not last! They contain twelve items and are valued at over $75.00 each and your cost is only $25.00. Be sure to sign up early and order your client kits!

150 boxes are available, first come, first served
Limited to 5 per distributor rep
12 items; retail value of $75
Cost: $25 per box
Shipper number must be provided.
Boxes are shipped to distributors.

Deadline to order: March 12th

Show Policies / Qualifications to Attend

Distributor Registration

There is a 2-part registration process.  Complete the NEPPA registration below.  You'll receive follow-up information to pre-register with PromoShow.  

Deadline to Register: March 19, 2021 
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