SLAS is currently soliciting proposals for science based webinars in the following topical areas:

  • 'Omics
  • Innovation in Experimental Medicine and Clinical Development
  • Engineered medical devices, i.e. brain-computer interfaces
  • Application of ADME assays throughput the discovery process
  • Current trends in public and venture funding for drug discovery
  • New workflows for biopharma and vaccine development
  • Immunooncology
  • Compound Management
  • 3D physiological models for drug development
  • Organoids
  • 3D organoid automation
  • Other topics accepted as well


Interested parties should submit a proposed webinar title, expected learning, abstract, and relevance to SLAS community, for consideration. Proposals will be reviewed as-received basis.


Questions? Contact Liz Frank, SLAS Program Manager

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