Loan or Federal TEACH Grant
Cancellation/Reduction Form

This form is designed to expedite your loan or Federal TEACH Grant cancellation or loan reduction request.  Please complete all of the information below.  You may make more than one loan change on this form. 

 Only complete this form if (1) your loan(s) have been awarded and (2) your loan(s) have disbursed to your bursar account.

 If your loan(s) have not disbursed to your bursar account, please sign on to MySlice, then proceed to Syracuse University’s online self-service system, and select the “Accept/Decline” tab.  Determine what loans in your award listing you wish to decline.

Reducing or cancelling your loan(s) may create a balance due on your Bursar account.

Review your MySlice Bursar account or contact the Bursar’s Office at (315) 443-2444 or


Clicking on the ? symbol will provide you with further information and instructions.   

Borrower's Information

Loan Cancellation

Federal TEACH Grant Cancellation

Loan Adjustments

Before completing this section to change your loan amount, please consider the following:

  • The loan amount you enter below may not necessarily be the loan amount that you will receive because your lender may charge fees.
  • When your loan is applied to your bill, the total loan borrowed will be reduced by any fees.
  • If you are borrowing a specific amount to cover your Bursar bill, include loan fees you may be charged in the calculation of loan that you will need.
  • For example, if you wish to borrow a $2,000 loan, you will need to determine what your lender or servicer will charge you for fees (if any), and add it to the $2,000 loan amount. Contact your lender or servicer to determine the amount of fees that will be charged. 

Have more than one request? Complete the ‘Second Loan Adjustment’ section below.

Second Loan Adjustment (if applicable)

Special Instructions: