8 Week Training Plan
The purpose of this program is to dominate your BOX!  This is for the guy or girl who wants to look like they should be competing at the GAMES, but has a real job and can’t dedicate 20hrs/week to train.  This plan will develop well rounded strength, power, and conditioning in a variety of movements and abilities.  To be The BOX KING is to be muscularity strong as well as having a strong cardiovascular system.  There is NO POINT in having a big truck with a tiny engine to power it!

This 8-week training plan will serve as a general foundation plan for those wishing to develop a more specific training plan with specific goals down the road.  The plan is designed for intermediate to advanced BOX athletes with limited training time (4-6hrs) each week.  The training will focus on getting good at a lot of different training abilities.  Once those training abilities have improved, one can begin to narrow the focus to improve specific areas of need.

Time to become The BOX KING!
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