Stage One Paperwork - International Applicant

Training Agreement (ACA 1.1)

At Academy Care Ltd we have an outstanding reputation for delivering the absolute best person-centered care and support to our service users.

To achieve this, we have spent a lot of time in the development of a robust training syllabus for the members of our team and individuals who are looking to come on board. 

Training must be completed before you start working for us and throughout your career with us. Training before you start is made up of 17 eLearning modules if you have care experience or 18 eLearning modules if you are new to care. We then conduct training in our office, our mandatory courses are Moving and Handling, First Aid at Work and Medication Awareness. 
All our training is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited or to UK national standards level two. 
Additional training is also available and will be expected to be completed when assigned to you; within five working days. This is to ensure client-specific care needs can be met. Any training not satisfied, can result in the termination of your employment. If you require any help or support, please make your office team aware.

It is the responsibility of staff to make the office aware if they feel they require any additional training or clarification in a subject area. This can then be addressed in a timely manner.

Further development opportunities are available and encouraged, these can be discussed with management or your appraisals.