Stage Two Agreements

Authority To Make Deductions From Wages (ACA 2.1)

accept and agree that the following are express written terms that help make up my Contract of Employment and as stated in the staff handbook, which I have read and understood. The following extract, reproduced from the relevant policies and procedures, set down the circumstances, wherein my employer is authorised to make deductions from my wages.

If the holiday is approved, you are reminded that if you leave employment with this employer having taken holidays more than your accrued entitlement, the excess will be reclaimed and deducted from your wages. In the event that the quantity owed exceeds the wages owed, you will refund the difference to the employer.
We will purchase appropriate uniforms for your use. All uniforms will be returned on leaving in reasonable and clean condition. The expectation for returned uniforms is five working days. Where uniforms are not returned, a charge will be made to cover the cost of replacement.
The cost of each shirt is £30.
The cost of each jacket is £45.
If, as a result of your carelessness or negligence, we and/or our clients, suffer loss or damage to work equipment (including vehicles), this will be construed as a serious breach of conduct. Where this is construed as particularly serious, this may render you liable to pay the full or part of the cost of repair or replacement, or insurance excess if appropriate. If you fail to pay, we reserve the right to deduct the costs from your pay.

If on leaving Academy Care, for whatever reason, you fail to work your full contractual notice without the organization's prior agreement (recorded here as seven working days), an amount equal to the additional cost of covering your duties for the period not worked may be deducted from any final monies due to you. This is calculated, on a case-by-case basis, based on the charge a third-party agency or supervisory member of staffs hourly rate will charge us to cover your normal work pattern.

If, on leaving Academy Care, for whatever reason, you fail to return any organisation equipment/property that may have been entrusted to you during your employment (including PPE), at least two working days prior to your official leaving date, an amount equal to the cost of the property/equipment will be deducted from any final monies due to you, this value will be equal to the “buy cost” of the equipment and not the resell value of the equipment.

Loans and advances will be made in accordance with the policy covering such matters, and, Academy Care has the authority to deduct the agreed schedule of repayments from your wages, or the full balance owed on termination.

The Training Policy & Procedure states the policy of Academy Care on recovery of training costs is: if an employee leaves within their 12-week probationary period or, if their employment is terminated within the same 12-week probationary period, we will recover to date training costs by way of invoice or deduction from wages.  You will be reminded of this potential liability on each occasion when you apply for training for which the organisation incurs costs, and told what the liability may be, and the time to which it applies.
Our standard policy is that £2.75 will be deducted from each of your wages, to cover the cost of eLearning (exclusively).
Where the company has completed classroom training or external training with you, the cost will be deducted based on your length of service with Academy Care.
Less than six months from the date the training was completed will result in the full cost of training being recovered.
Between six months and one year; 75% of the training cost will be recovered.
Between one year and 18 eighteen months; 50% of the training cost will be recovered.
Between 18 months and 2 years; 25% of the training cost will be recovered.
Two years onwards, the training will officially belong to you

If you should incur any fines for parking or other motoring offenses, or civil offenses you will be personally accountable for the payment of such fines. Fixed Penalty Notices incurred whilst using an Academy Care vehicle(s) are normally reported directly to us by the authorities. We reserve the right to pay such fixed penalties on your behalf and deduct the cost from you wage/salary.

Where accommodation is provided by Academy Care, a charge will be made from wages due in accordance with the letter of agreement in respect of the accommodation.
DBS Payment

If Academy Care Ltd. agreed to pay your initial DBS payment and you haven’t completed 600 hours, we reserve the right to deduct the total cost of the DBS from your final wage. The current cost of DBS is £70.00.
I further understand that, on any occasion when my employer intends to implement one or more of the above conditions, I will receive written notification of that fact and a statement of the amount to be deducted.  I hereby, give my written consent for my employer to make deductions, in any of the circumstances described.
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Birdie Agreement (ACA 2.2)

At Academy Care Ltd we use a mobile phone application called Birdie. At the start of your employment, you will be text messaged a link to follow that will allow you to download the application to your mobile phone.

The Birdie application will give you your weekly rota and access to the service users you will be attending, call start and finish time, address, and complete care plans. The Care Plan will be written in a way to allow you to provide effective person-centered care to the service user.

When you start a call, you are expected to log in to the call using the mobile application and again, when the call is complete, to log out. We ask that you stay for the duration of the call unless you are specifically asked to leave - this will need to be authorised by the local office. Any spare time can be utilised for light household chores, chatting with the client, and building rapport. Our benchmark is for you to stay a minimum of 80% of the visit duration. In the event you fall below this working average, we will take administrative action.  

Visits are audited on a daily basis as part of our compliance with regulations set out by Care Quality Commission. It is also a safety feature, so we know where you are when working. We expect notes to be added to the system if you arrive late, leave early or leave late. This is to account for any timings that are not recorded. Failure to do so could result in you not being paid for the unaccounted time.

If there are any occasions where you cannot access the system for whatever reason, we will require you to email with: the start and finish times of your calls together with the system issues/reason and finally your completed care notes. You must let us know as soon as possible so we can manually update Birdie.

If you are running late for your next client, please contact the office who will telephone your next client and explain that you are running late, we accept a 15-minute tolerance for all our care call times.

We operate a backup system called Care Planner - which we will share with you if the business needs are met. 

Please confirm that you have read, understand, and agree with the above.

PPE Agreement (ACA 2.3)

You have been issued with (Personal Protective Equipment) PPE and understand the importance of utilising PPE. Expected PPE to be worn in all service users homes are face masks, aprons and gloves. In the event of a higher tier of PPE being issued such as facemasks graded to FFP3, you accept these must be worn when designated. 

You understand that monthly a PPE Donning and Doffing competency will be completed. 

You are aware that is is your responsibility to use PPE and collect PPE from the office when your personal stocks are low.

ID Badge and Uniform Agreement (ACA 2.4)

I confirm receipt of my Uniform and ID Badge (two shirts).

I understand that both should always be worn and kept in good, clean order - uniform is only accepted as not required with prior approval from your local office. 

Replacements of either will be at employees’ cost. If lost or stolen, you agree to contact the office/on-call as soon as possible for replacements to be issued.

  • Shirts are £30 each
  • Jackets are £45 each
  • I.D. Badges are £4 each

If employment seizes, all property issued to you by Academy Care Ltd must be returned to the office within 7 days of the last day of your employment in clean and good order. If employment seizes within your 12-week probationary period, you will be invoiced for the cost of your uniform which will be payable by return. Failure to do so will result in any final payments being withheld.

We accept plain back trousers (not sports leggings) and footwear that covers your toes. During the summer months, shorts may be approved by your local office. 

Next of Kin and Banking Information Agreement (ACA 2.5)

Next of Kin One
Next of Kin Two
Banking information
We do not require your banking information at this stage. We will ask you to complete a banking information form upon your arrival to the United Kingdom; when you meet your local office team. 

Staff Photograph and Video Consent Agreement (ACA 2.6)

We would be grateful, with your agreement, if you could please complete this section to give Academy Care Limited permission to use photographs/video footage in our printed, online, and/or any additional publicity and media.

All photographs and video footage will be stored securely and used appropriately with dignity and respect. If at any time after signing this section you wish to revoke your permission, please inform us in writing and this will be acted on immediately.

Permission *

give Academy Care Ltd permission to take and use photographs and/or video footage of myself whilst performing my role. I grant Academy Care Limited full rights to use these images and/or footage and any reproductions or adaptations of the same for publicity and/or media to help achieve their aims. This may include (but is not limited to) the right to use them in printed and online publicity, social media, or press releases.

I understand that I can revoke this permission at any time in writing to the Data Protection Officer based at our Head Office: 47 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3BH.

Working Time Agreement (ACA 2.7)

The Working Time Regulations 1998 limits the hours' employees work each week to a maximum of 48 hours per week. (A week is from Monday to Sunday).

As part of the Certificate of Sponsorship, you are required to work 48 hours. This does no breath the United Kingdom Working Time Regulation. 

By signing below, you confirm you have read, understood, and agreed to work in best practice to Academy Cares Agreements, policies, and procedures.

The agreements you are demonstrating understanding for are:

• Authority to make Deductions from wages (2.1)
• Birdie Agreement (2.2)
• PPE Agreement (2.3)
• ID Badge and Uniform Agreement (2.4)
• Next of Kin and Banking (2.5)
• Staff Photo and Video Consent (2.6)
• Working Time Agreement (2.7)

Breaching these agreements may result in Academy Care Ltd terminating your employment or the decision being made to seize your progress through our recruitment stage.
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