Cactus Classic 2020 Martial Arts Tournament

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Belt Divisions
     Beginner Belt                   Intermediate Belt             Advanced Belt               Black
(White, Yellow, Orange      (Purple, Blue, Green)          (Red, Brown & Black)    Will separate Black if bigger        
& Active Star Green)         & Active Star Orange)
(& All 5 and under)
                                                 (Adv & Black May be combined for smaller groups)
Start time 9 am               Start Time 11:30 am         Strart Time 1:30 pm
Competition Event Prices Registration ends on February 13st 2020 *
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Tournament Rules

Rules and Regulations
Directors. Coordinators. Arbitrators:
Professor Shaw

• The Safety, Fairness, & Total competition Experience for all competitors is always our priority.
• Proper competition uniform & belt must be worn representing your teacher & art form.
• The first to register will be the last to compete in Kata, Weapons, & Self Defense divisions. All registration
entries will be dated as received. Registration form or E-mail notice without payment is NOT considered
• After preregistrations are received, bracketing will be determined to Assigned Rings according to age group.
• 3 Judges in all color belt divisions White through Brown - Scoring Criteria: 9.0 – 9.99 (no tens) - judges use all
hundredths (i.e. 9.50 mid or 9.78) – For Kata, Weapons, Self Defense.
• 5 Judges for Black Belt competition. HEAD JUDGE has Full control of the division rings
• Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification, this includes parents, fellow competitors, &
instructors, may result in being escorted out & off the premises. We reserve the right to refuse entry &
competition without reason.
• Each & Every Ring will have a designated Ring Manager, Time keeper, Score Keeper & Ring Runner.
• Maximum – 2 minutes
• Scoring will be based on strong basic techniques.
• Ties:
o First Tie – throw out High score
o Second Tie –Option to perform same or erent kata/form
o Winner will be determined by show of hands.
o Positive Coaching allowed
Kumite – Fighting
• Males must wear groin protection. MANDATORY. Optional and recommended for females.
• Head, hand, feet gear & mouth piece is mandatory. Chest protector, shin, forearm, & face mask is optional.
In beg/inter (white - green) if mask is worn does not give the latitude to hit to the face.
• Green Belt and below – No Face contact, Controlled “Tap Pulled” head contact to head gear allowed. No Face
contact in ALL Kids divisions.
• ALL Hand scoring techniques are One point. Foot scoring techniques are Two (2) Point to the head gear, and one point for the body or groin. Groin is a target area (Must stop just before contact- no penetration allowed) Must have control with no or lite contact and pullback. 
• Black Belts & Brown Belts – Controlled Face contact allowed.
• 2 side judges, 1 middle head judge. 2 out of 3 judges must have majority hand vote on points. 3 Judges for
color belt white through brown belts. 5 Judges for Black Belts.
• One 2 minute round - highest score wins or first to 3 points wins in White through Brown belts. If tied after
time regulation. Over time next point wins. Black belts 2 minutes. First to 5 points. Tie after regulation time.
Over time next point wins.
• Out of Bounds. Any part of the body considered out of bounds by referees is NO point. Running out of the
ring is one warning . Then 2nd time point deduction
• All Kids divisions and adults Beg/Inter (wht-grn) – Automatic disqualification for drawing blood. Adult adv
divisions (brn/blk) – Disqualification for drawing blood will be at the discretion of head judge
• Positive Coaching allowed
• Every effort will be made so that same school competitors will compete in later rounds.
• Excessive and/or Malicious intent will be automatic disqualification.
• If you drop your weapon, you may continue & finish, but will automatically receive lowest score 9.00 and will
not place.
• A broken weapon is your responsibility & your instructors’ responsibility to insure safety & to be prepared
for competition & will be scored accordingly.
• If you make a mistake, you may continue on & receive scores from the judges. If you make a mistake & start
over, you automatically receive lowest score of 9.00 & will not place.

Self Defense
• Beg/Inter (Wht - Brn) - 3 techniques - slow then full speed. Black belts - 5 techniques - slow then full speed.
• Judges will score based upon effectiveness of the technique, strong basic execution, contact control based on
rank level. Contact is allowed.
• Mistakes & start over rules are the same as Kata/Weapons


The undersigned hereby releases the promoters of the Mike Erickson - Cactus Classic,Three Dragon Karate LLC,  Chandler School Distric, Mike Erickson, Friends of Arizona League, or anyone connected in any way with this tournament including their directors, officers, employees, or agents of any injuries which could be sustained by participation in such event including spectators.

I fully understand that if any medical treatment is given to me, such treatment will be first aid type only. I waive any compensation in regards to any photo's or video taken of me with which might be used for publicity, promotions or television showing. No refunds or charge backs for any reason.
If a competitor is under 18 years of age, this form must be signed by a parent or adult guardian.
Tournament Location:
 Saturday, February 15th
at Great Hearts Lincoln Preparatory Academy
2250 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286
1st Tournament of AZ State Championships!
For More Information Call 
(480) 217-0652