Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to a new year, 2024 the “High Desert Challenge” and we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting it again!
This camp will be held in Joseph City, AZ at the dojo located at 4543 Main st Joseph City.
We are asking $70.00 per person for the camp, and we will be serving at least one meal during the camp.
The “High Desert Challenge” will be held July 12th – 14th 2024.  We are asking $70.00 per person for the camp.

Thank you for your continued support and study; we look forward to this opportunity in 2024 to continue working with you. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Thank you!


Family Self Defense School Staff
Mark Hawley & Verlena Hawley

Participant Registration

How would you like to Pay? - Cash - Check made out to Verlena Hawley - Venmo: Erikka Hawley / Verlena Hawley *
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Wavier of Liability & Video, Image Release

WAIVER – Online

I the undersigned, do hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation in the Second Annual High Desert Challenge by Family Self-Defense School (F.S.D.S.) L.L.C.,  and hereby assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries, or losses that I sustain or incur, if any, while attending or participating, and I waive all claims against promoters, operators, instructors, or sponsors of said Training Camp individually or otherwise from any claims for injuries that I might sustain. These instructors are Mark Hawley, Justin Warwick, Michael Lizotte, Vernon Kam, Randy Ong, Jerold Shaw, TJ Stockbridge, Bob Davison, Dan Fields, Chad Masters, Michael Butz, Eli Navarro and any others who teach, attend, study, etc., at this event in 2024.  I fully understand that any medical treatment given to me will be of a first aid treatment type only.

  • If the participant is under 18, this release and consent is to be signed by Parent or Guardian, with the underage student signing as well.

I further agree that the Family Self-Defense School (F.S.D.S.) from Joseph City Arizona may publish my or my child’s/ward’s pictures in social media promoting the High Desert Challenge and the F.S.D.S. School in this annual Arizona event.

I understand that the instructor(s) and/or writer of the following material(s) did explain to me the possibility and probability of the lethality or crippling nature of the following techniques, should they be used appropriately or otherwise. This form also releases from liability or indemnity any trainers, instructors, other students, teachers, participants, etc. I also acknowledge, understand, and agree that the author(s) and instructor(s) assume no responsibility, liability, or indemnity for the use or misuse of the following provided information and materials. All indemnity and responsibility are my own, and rests solely with the executor or practitioner of the materials taught at the Family Self-Defense School (F.S.D.S.) L.L.C., their affiliated schools and institutions, and instructors, teachers, participants, etc. Some of these instructors are Mark Hawley, Justin Warwick, Michael Lizotte, Vernon Kam, Randy Ong, Jerold Shaw, TJ Stockbridge, Bob Davison, Dan Fields, Chad Masters, Michael Butz, and Eli Navarro; this waiver also covers any and all others who teach, attend, study, etc., at this event in 2024. All information is for informational and educational purposes only, that I, and I alone, am responsible for my actions and any injuries that may occur on myself or ward: I hereby release the author(s), instructor(s), sponsor(s), and/or any other participant(s) or teacher(s) from any and all indemnity, liability, or responsibility, as a result of learning or using this material(s). I understand that these techniques are possibly lethal, crippling, and life-changing/ altering, but provided for informational purposes and educational purposes only, and that neither the author(s), creator(s), trainer(s), practitioner(s), student(s), etc., of the Family Self-Defense School (F.S.D.S.) L.L.C., have any liability or indemnity, obligations or responsibilities for the use or misuse of the information and education that they provide. I have been told to run if I can, should the need or desire to use the following information that I, or my underaged student, should arise. The following training has been provided for learning and that we participants of said training (which will commence after this paperwork is completed) are encouraged to FOLLOW THE LAWS in both spirit and letter.  Safety is the Priority!!!

Furthermore, we note that the author(s), trainer(s), sponsor(s), student(s), participant(s), etc., do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, sexuality, politics, or other such “defining” characteristics. We acknowledge that many cultures around the world are knife cultures, meaning that they train with a knife or a form of martial arts from a young age: Some of these being the Philippines, Muslims, Japanese, Indonesians, some Native American Clans, some African Tribes, and many others. This is not to say that the author(s) or trainer(s) discriminates in any way, shape, or form according to the above mentioned, or any other, ways, but is rather in awe and enjoys learning, as well as sharing that knowledge!  In this additional training we are to be taught how to theoretically protect ourselves or others, should the need arise, and that we are to run – because we are to assume that our opponents are stronger, faster, better trained, have fewer inhibitions, are smarter, etc.,  I, being of sound mind and possibly body, and of lawful age do give consent and permission to attend the seminar(s) and other training to learn. Furthermore, I am of lawful age to sign this protective and legal contract, or my parent(s)/ guardian(s) have also looked over this and have also agreed to and signed this legal and protective professional contract which releases others from any liability or indemnity whether they are teaching, learning or watching. I have never been deemed incompetent or unfit and am reminded again that “Safety is the Priority!” or “Safety is Paramount!” in training and in life.

Further, I, hereby grant permission to the Family Self-Defense School (F.S.D.S.) L.L.C., to take and use; Photographs, and/ or digital images or videos of me for use in news releases, books, and/ or social media. These materials might include printed or electronic publications, websites, or other electronic communications. I further agree that my name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). I authorize the use of these images without compensation to me.

Signature of participant (or legal guardian if under 18 years old.) *