Association of Aquatic Professionals March 15, 2018 -March 15, 2019 Membership Application - PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM UNLESS YOU ARE PAYING BY CREDIT CARD! WE are able to accept VISA, MC, or Discover - Thank you.

** Please note, once you fill in this form you will be required to pay for your registration via credit card.  Once you are registered no refunds or credits can be provided.  Thank you.

Please do not fill out this form unless you plan on registering.  If you are looking for fees, they are located on the conference or membership pages.

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Association of Aquatic Professionals Membership Information

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES AND DUES: The membership year runs from March 15 - March 15.  
Please note that GROUP Agency Memberships will be under one address, but, all members will need to provide their name and email address in the appropriate place below.

Please check the appropriate membership category that you are registering for:  (Please note:  Commercial/Company/Consultant/Non-Profit or business organization/agency of any kind includes the company and one representative.  Additional reps may register at the $40 rate below) - Consultants/Commercial/Companies and business organizations must register under the Commercial/Company/Business listing if you list a business name and not a department name.

* Group Agency Memberships (for 4 or more people) - Do NOT require anyone to register at the individual rate.  Please fill out one overall application and upload a listing of all members names and email addresses.  Please see below.

If you are registering additional members from the same agency (up to 2 after the individual membership) at the $40 rate please mark the appropriate $40 area above and put their name and emails below:

Payment Information

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Thank you for your registration; After we receive your registration we will charge your credit card. Once the registration and payment has been processed we will email you a confirmation and receipt. You will also be given the opportunity to print a printer friendly receipt after you finalize your registration. Once your registration has been processed you will receive a receipt via e-mail. * Please note that once you are registered there are no refunds or credits provided. Thank you for your understanding as we are just getting started with the Association.

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