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This form is used to order the appropriate Homeowners Documents for selling your home.  After you complete the form, please foward your payment to the Association Office unless you have chosen to defer payment to settlement.
Once the Disclosure Request is received, staff will complete an exterior inspection of your property.  Ashburn Village Community Association will inspect the property as required by the Virginia Property Owner's Association Act, Section 55-509.6.
Note to Condominium Owners & Regency Owners:
Disclosure packages for condominiums and Regency single-family/townhome/condos must be requested through both Ashburn Village Community Association and your Condo/HOA Management company.


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Please indicate Resale Certificate Package option below: *
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** Additional fee for documents delivered within 5 business days of receipt and payment.
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Homeowners may request Resale Certificate Package to be emailed to up to three (3) different email addresses at no additional cost.
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Any additional inspection fees will be posted to the seller's account prior to settlement.
By signing below, I understand that under the requirements of the Property Owners Act of Virginia, the Ashburn Village Community Association has fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of this request to provide such Resale Certificate Package. If the requested Resale Certificate Package is not provided within the fourteen (14) day period, a full refund will be provided along with the requested Resale Certificate Package.
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