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Additions, Alterations or Improvements by the Owners of the Declaration requires that, (1) Any person obtaining approval of the AER Committee shall substantially complete as promptly and diligently as possible, any construction or alteration within twelve months after the date of approval within such other period as specified in the approval. Notwithstanding for the foregoing, the approval may provide for a different period during which to commence or complete construction. If any such Person does not complete the work within twelve months after approval, or such other time period determined by the Committee, the approval shall lapse.

(2) Any Person obtaining approval of the AER Committee shall not deviate materially from the plans and specifications approved without the prior written approval of the Committee. Such Person shall notify the Committee when the alterations or improvements are complete. Approval of any particular plans and specifications or design does not waive the right of the Committee to disapprove such plans and specifications, or any element or features thereof, if such plans and specifications are subsequently submitted for use in any other instance or by any other Person.
If you have any questions, please contact the AVCA office at 703-723-7910.

Notice is hereby given that we have completed the above described project as approved by the AER Committee and have met all the conditions and requirements.
I agree and understand *