The Ashburn Village Community Association is starting a new program called the Ashburn Village Neighbor-2-Neighbor Program which will allow residents who are willing to help their fellow residents during snow events.  This could include removing snow from sidewalks and driveways, providing 4x4 services.  

If you would like to participate in the program, please complete the information below.  This list is for private individuals only, no businesses.  Residents who are interested in signing up may volunteer their time or they may charge a reasonable fee.  

ATTENTION PARENTS:  Teens may also list their information but must have your parents approval and the information they submit to be included in the list should be that of the parents, not their private information.

Information for participants will be listed on the AVCA website at in a private area where only registered homeowners will be able to view it.


Please select how you would like to be contacted. The method you select will be listed on the list. *
What type of snow services are you offering? *
Do you charge a fee? *
Do you have a snowblower? *
Are you 18 or older? *


The following information must be completed if registrant is under 18.