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Ashburn Village is a Planned Unit Development, or PUD.  As such, the community was designed and built to provide a grouping of varied and compatible land uses, such as housing, recreation, commercial centers, and industrial parks, all within one contained development or subdivision.
Different housing types such as single-family homes, townhomes, and condominium homes are often mixed rather than separated as is done in a conventional community developments.  Homes within a PUD often include access to a large shared open space surrounding the house as well as a smaller private yard.  These open spaces, or Common Areas, are intended for use by all residents of the developement.
Frequently, when a homeowner chooses to purchase or refinance a home within a PUD, the mortgage lender, mortgage underwriter or other financial institution involved in the loan or refinancing process will want to better understand the design and management of the community.  To do so, a Planned Unit Development Certification form and substaining documention will be requested.
Ashburn Village PUD Certificate Request Process
The Ashburn Village Community Association processes requests for PUD certification forms online only.
For all services, forms and payment must be received by 12 p.m. on the day of submission to count as the first day; forms and payments received after 12 p.m. will be processed with the following business day counted as the first day.
The Fee Schedule for the completion of the PUD certificate forms is as follows:
$85.00 - Normal:  Completion Within 3 Business Days         
$155.00 - Expedited:  Completion Same Business Day (within 24 hours)   
Please complete the following information:

Current Total:
Pay Total Amount Now. Drop off a checked payable to Ashburn Village Community Association (AVCA) at the HOA office 44025 Courtland Drive Ashburn Va. 20147 or Call the HOA office at 703-723-7910 with Credit Card payment information.