Ashburn Village Common Area Planting Program

The AVCA is beginning a tree canopy revitalization effort to plant more native trees and shrubs in our common areas, and we need your input to prioritize common area plantings over the next few years.  The AVCA is initiating two complementary programs to add native trees and shrubs to our common areas. 

Homeowner Common Area Tree Donation Program
For homeowners who want to plant trees in the common areas next to their lot, they can speed up the process by requesting to have a tree (or trees) planted in the requested location at their expense. The prices below are before the discount. The discount will be determined once we provide a final count to our vendor. Once the request is approved, the homeowner pays the AVCA to have the tree(s) planted, and the AVCA will have the trees planted in bulk across the common areas of Ashburn Village to reduce costs. Please Google the plant names for an image.

Order Form:
Tree stakes, topsoil, mulch, installation included.
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Agreement and Electronic Signature:

By signing below, I understand that AVCA Landscape Committee will review my tree planting request and may require modification to the type or location of trees based on their review.

I understand that if approved, the AVCA will purchase and install the trees for me. I will be provided an invoice before the scheduled planting, and the plantings approved will be performed only after payment has been received.  If payment is not received, the trees requested will not be planted.

I agree that once planted, I will be responsible for regular watering of the new plantings until they are established (at least one year), and I will notify the AVCA if I notice that the planted trees are not thriving.   I understand that the AVCA will be responsible for all other care and maintenance of these trees, including future mulching, pruning, and removal should the tree not survive. 

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