Info-Cyber Risk Insurance Questionnaire
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General Applicant Information
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Risk Control Self Assessment
1.  Do you implement virus controls and filtering on all systems? *
2. Do you check for security patches to your systems at least weekly and implement them within 30 days? *
3. Do you replace factory default settings to ensure your information security systems are securely configured? *
4. Do you have a way to detect unauthorized access or attempts to access sensitive information? *
5. Do you know what sensitive or private information is in your custody along with whose info it is, where it is and how to contact individuals if their information is breached? *
6. Do you authenticate and encrypt all remote access to your network and require all such access to be from systems at least as secure as your own? Check N/A if you do not allow remote access to your systems. *
7. Do you have a company policy governing security and accept use of company property? *
8. Do you re-assess security threats and upgrade your risk controls in response at least yearly? *
9. Do you limit access to data on a need-to-know basis? *
10. Do you outsource your information security to a firm specializing in information security or have staff responsible for and trained in information security? *
11. On your wireless networks; do you use security at least as strong as WPA authentication and encryption? Check N/A if you do not use wireless networks. *
12. Do you control and track all changes to your network to ensure that it remains secure? *
13. Do you have a prominently disclosed privacy policy? *
14. At least once a year, do you provide security awareness training for everyone who accesses your network? *
History of Claims and Complaints
Have you received any complaints, claims, or been subject to litigation involving matters of privacy injury, identity theft, denial of service attacks, theft of others information, damage to other networks, or others ability to rely on your network? *
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Are individuals or organizations to be insured under this policy responsible for or aware of, any prior incident, circumstance, event, complaint, or litigation that could reasonably give rise to a claim, under this Policy? *
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