Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Questionnaire
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Storing of Inflammable Gases, Liquids, and Explosives
Hazardous Waste Removal or Installation
Surrounding Property Damage Exposure
At, On, or Near a Landfill Site
Synthetic Stucco
Bridge or Overpass Work
Asbestos, Mold, or Lead Abatement
Dam, Reservoir, Jetty, Breakwaters, Piers, Docks, or Wharfs
Surrounding Property Damage Exposure
Potential Third Party Bodily Injury Exposure
Special Jobsite Safety Precautions
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 Information Outlined in Job Specs
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c. Estimated Completion Date
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For each section you can either enter each of the requested items OR attach documents or contracts that you may have pertaining to each of the requested information.  Please do not attach the same document or contract twice.  One upload will be sufficient for KMRD Partners, Inc. to find all the necessary information for you.

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