Thank you for visiting To be considered for a donation you must be a qualified non profit organization per IRS 526 publication. Please email supporting documents to and submit the following application.

About Your Organization:
About the Donation:
Receiving Donation:
 All qualifying applications will be considered & donations distributed throughout the year. 
 You will be notified if donation request is approved.

Donation Requirements – 

  1. Send confirmation you received the donation along with a formal donation receipt showing the total donation value to:
  1. You must post a picture of the product displayed at the event on Facebook & Instagram and send a copy of the post to:
  1. You just send a high res photo of the donated item on display at the event, photo of the winner (with the donated item), winner’s name and where they’re from (City & State) so we can share on Boss Buck’s social media pages.
  1. ***If a feeder (or larger) is donated, Boss Buck requires that our company logo is included on all advertisements for the event (online and print).***


Any organizations that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered for any future donations

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