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Choosing this upgrade will provide the following upgrade features for you to expand your viewing audience. On Demand - Viewers will never miss your broadcast. They can always come back and watch past episodes on our website, Roku, Fire TV and IOS devices. Make use of your On Demand Channel to accept donations ( Donation link embedded in player). Also for pay per view for registration fees for online class instruction, seminars, selling products, etc. Increase revenue by selling banner ads on your On Demand Channel. Banner ads can be rotated allowing you unlimited banner ads to place. Great for businesses, ministries to partner with your ministry as a sponsor. You will receive $19.99 per downloaded video from your On-Demand Video channel. Payment from download partners and viewers who download your video(s) will go directly to your PayPal account. Please request training on how to set up this feature. On Demand TV PLUS also includes 1. Unlimited Travel and Gift incentives to help you gain more sponsors. 2. Potential to receive revenue from activated ad responders. 3. Opportunity to earn additional revenue from individual donations when offering incentives as a thank you gift. *
This 12 month agreement automatically make you eligible to complete a new grant renewal application for another 26 weeks ( six months) If I choose to cancel there is a one time cancellation fee of $85.00. I also understand that my account must be current to be able to cancel with a 30 day notice. *
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