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On-Demand Plus TV allows viewers never miss your TV Broadcast! The On Demand player will house all your videos and live stream your 24/7 channel. Video on demand will increase views and revenue with the Live Streaming Channel features. The On-Demand and Live TV Channels have many features to help monetize your content. Features include pay-per-view options for pre-recorded events and classes, pre-roll ads to appear before your content, and a donation link embedded in the video player to encourage donations. *
I understand Video on Demand is a monthly subscription charge of $149.00 or a one-time payment of $1743.30 for 13 weeks. I understand there is an early cancellation fee of $85.00. *
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I authorize PTWWN Broadcasting to process my card payment(s) by phone or from this form for the PTWWN Broadcasting online school training and any other service if applicable. I understand All fees are non-refundable. *